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SPF Initiative™

Success = Persistence X Failures™

Also referred to as the “SPF initiative™” Philip Song considers it as one of his most influential truths in business. Philip Song also speaks on how success, both in business as well as in life, can be the end result, when continued on-going and improving persistence in the correct behavior with action under properly planned strategy, is “multiplied” by numerous experiences of failing yet remaining resilient and learning from those failures.

Throughout history, there has been examples of countless number of individuals in all aspects of life and in business, where people have tried, given their very best efforts and yet failed. Books and literature of all sorts have been written on how so many individuals have persisted in their efforts, yet to find themselves in the state of agony of defeat. However, Philip Song questions this common result, “If and when, one fails at something, is it truly a “defeat” or a true “failure”? Philip Song uses his personal experiences in both business and in life to share and inspire others.

Philip Song believes that there is no shame in sincere failure. There is honor when one gives their utmost and sincere effort under a well thought-out plan. Failure, in all shapes and sizes, is an every day occurrence in people’s lives. Everyone fails at something; yet, what is not acceptable, is not giving one’s very best strategic effort and trying. One must get up, brush off, and try again if they wish to capture success.






- Samuel Beckett (1906-1989)

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